L’Art de vivre

The Érablière La Tradition has created a new look with a whole new concept and has transformed into Érablière Art de Vivre.

Come and relive a traditional maple syrup farm experience in a whole new atmosphere and innovative concept. Nestled in the heart of the Lanaudière Forest, the Érablière L’Art de Vivre invites you to enjoy a unique experience combining fine dining with visual arts.


Discover paintings and sculptures in various mediums and themes displayed in a milieu overflowing with creativity. Let yourself be transported to this exceptional world where more than sixty works by renowned and celebrated artists are exhibited, and discover local emerging talents as well.

We welcome you with a smile and receive you in the authentic surroundings of our family maple grove, imbued with the simplicity of another time, where young and old are invited to indulge their sweet-tooth and explore their artistic talents.


A unique space redefining the sugar shack concept, a museum in the heart of the forest.


Savor the traditional recipes, or our healthy selections recently revised by the renowned nutritionist Isabelle Huot.

Schedule & rates

Érablière Art de Vivre is happy to welcome you during any season for an unforgettable experience.

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  • On site creation of a work of art by professional artists (weekend only – consult the calendar).

  • Exhibition of works of art by mostly Quebec-based artists and members of CAPSQ , represented by Mireille Forget. You can also come and discover a hundred works by local emerging artists (possibility of acquisition – very affordable prices).

  • In collaboration with the HACHEM specialty boutique, we offer artistic creation workshops for young and old to take part in the Érablière l’Art de Vivre ‘Mosaic Ceiling’ project!

  • Special entertainment with DJ White every Saturday (More than $ 2,000 in prizes every Saturday)

  • Presentation of young musicians (songwriters, guitarists, singers, etc.)



  • Walking trails

  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (from December 2017)

  • Maple Taffy on snow

  • Visit the maple sap water evaporator

The Artisans

Having acquired the maple farm in March 2015, Alain and Linda built on the tradition of this company founded in the 80’s. Alain had been a businessman for thirty years in the field of packaging, product development and marketing. He had also worked in a totally different niche, namely tourism, accommodation and catering.

He built a packaging plant as well as an outfitter and was able to put his expertise into the vision and growth of the sugar shack. Alain and his family continue the tradition of meeting to share a hearty Quebec meal in a welcoming, authentic atmosphere. In partnership with Lisabel and Glenn, the L’Heureux family is taking part in this brand new and successful concept.

Alain L’Heureux and Linda Blanchard

Prolific artist-painter, Lisabel etches her brand wherever she goes. From the gallery to the table, she invites you to a unique and relaxed experience in an interesting and inspiring space.

Glenn B. Miller, partner and spouse of Lisabel, is a renowned businessman who has made it his mission to make art accessible to all.

Together, the couple combines their strengths and their visions by constantly pushing the limits and offering innovative artistic experiences to the public.

A renowned and highly skilled nutritionist, Isabelle Huot is a key resource when it comes to healthy eating. A member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec, as well as numerous other professional associations, she is actively involved in several social causes and special projects close to her heart. She has been a special adviser who, in collaboration with the team of Érablière l’Art de Vivre, has developed and reinvented traditional menus to offer guests an experience that is both gourmand and well balanced!

The Quebec group Hachem, with their seven boutiques specializing in framing and artist materials, combines their vision of creating a way of life that mobilizes people to the world of art with Érablière L’Art de Vivre. A specially designed creative space will allow the customers of the sugar shack to enjoy multiple workshops and demonstrations and to discover new artistic mediums. Pleasure is assured!

In pursuit of excellence and freedom of expression, the Circle has become, over the years, a signature, a true cultural institution among the most rewarded by numerous NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. – Its successes have attracted the participation of confirmed artists of rising generations, as well as well-established professional artists in the current art market, from all regions of Quebec, Canada and all countries.